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“Your Life is Priceless Expo” initiated at Jubail Industrial College
Dr. Eid Mohammed al-Hajri acting   GM Colleges and Institutes Sector of the Royal commission initiated (Your life is Priceless)  exhibition which  organized by the Colleges and Institutes Sector jointly with the Narcotics control department in Jubail and the Advanced Petrochemical Company, the exhibition that has been initiated electronically by e-Learning Center at JIC English Language Institute shall continue for three days.

Dr. Al-Hajri pointed that the exhibition targets young people who are considered the mainstay of development and economy, where  drugs creates a vicious war against them because it targets a significant category of the community which is considered  the main element in any  development. Targeting young people will lead to  serious damage in all aspects. awareness is seen as the first step towards reform.

Dr. Al-Hajri added that our youth are well-educated and aware of the seriousness of this scourge and they need to be aware of these risks and harms to avoid them.

 The Director of the Narcotics control department in Jubail, Colonel Sultan Alawdaani, expressed his pleasure for this positive interaction observed in these programs, which is conducted  by the Department, including this program in jointly the Colleges and Institutes Sector at the Royal commission in Jubail.

Alwadaani pointed to the development of means used by drug smugglers, but the vigilance of combat-drug men thanks to God  precedes these ways by steps.

 he added that Narcotics control departments  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are cooperating and benefiting from the ways and means used by the  drugs promoters, these images and videos are circulated to benefit from them.

The Colonel pointed to   carrying out of many awareness programs for girls in schools and colleges as well as places of gatherings and markets. He  added that trained teams have been assigned to monitor social media, which is  targeting  teenagers,  pointing that good indicators is the decline of this method in recent times.  In conclusion he stressed that the media is a powerful weapon in fighting this scourge and warning of its risks.