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CEO, Waste Management Services Sector at UAE Bee'ah Company visits The Royal Commission for acquaintance with its Experience in The Environmental Sector
RCJ  Mustafa bin Mohammed al-Mahdi, received at his office recently the CEO of the Waste Management Services Sector at UAE Bee'ah company Fahad Ali Shahil. the objective of  this visit is to be acquainted with the Royal Commission in Jubail and the followed basic Standards  implemented in the environment and waste management.
On other handWaste Management Services at UAE Beeah Co.. Fahad Ali Shahil said: we would like to be acquainted and familiarized with the Royal Commission in Jubail and environmental sector besides the waste management. he added that the Jubail industrial City has a future  plan and a clear vision that serves the industrial sector in the area, adding that it is  characterized by an excellent infrastructure. 

Then, The visiting delegation toured the visitors ' center pavilions,  where   they were  briefed on the most important factors and fundamentals of success in the Royal Commission projects in Jubail Industrial City such as the important   geographical location, the diversity of the industries in teh area, the  distinct and  top infrastructure and the distribution of residential neighborhoods in the city supported by figures and facts that highlight the huge achievements of Jubail Industrial City.