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CEO Of Royal Commission in Jubail Meets Colleges and Institutes Division Distinguished Students and Reviews their Pioneer Projects
The CEO Of RCJ Eng. Mustafa Mohammad Almahdi met last Monday  with the Colleges and Institutes Division distinguished students at  Multipurpose Hall at JIC  to overhear their queries and suggestions.

the outstanding students at  Colleges and Institutes Division presented  in front of the CEO of RCJ their pioneer projects , that included a smart city supported with central electrical directional  signs  for multi uses , such as to  direct and guide vehicle drivers to the locations and monuments  in the city. Also in case of accidents and disasters it will send a signals through the App to direct the vehicle drivers to vacant locations. of the smart door project, which enables the device to recognize the faces and open the doors or close it through smart software’s allowing it to take a decision or not through the face only , which make the using of the doors more flexible and not -allowing  any unauthorized  person   from entering it without the need  for keys and Magnetic cards. In addition  to  the smart car project   without a driver , smart Stick for Blinds, and other projects .

The CEO talked to the students about the  RCJ methodology () in educational system that stand behind the success in the industrial and commercial investment system and as it is  adjacent  to the industrial field. 

The CEO mentioned  RCJ  strategy in upgrading the curricula and the transformation  in teaching methods to keep up  with industry, which was reflected on the high employment rates for graduates in this field either  in Jubail or other  provinces  in the kingdom.

Then, students questions and queries , focused on how to develop a strategic plan for them after graduation.

At the end   of the meeting, Dr. Ali Hassan Aseeri  GM of Colleges and Institutes Davison talked to students wishing them a bright future by occupying  higher positions after graduation.