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Industrial IIoT Conference & Exhibition, Jubail 2018 discussed More than 25 Papers
- More than 25 papers were discussed at  Industrial IIoT Conference & Exhibition, Jubail 2018during the period of December 11th and 12th  at King Abdullah Center in Jubail Industrial City.
The IIOT conference works is targeting to change the technical concepts and gives a detailed overview of the term IoT (Internet of Things).
The aim of the conference is to explore all aspects and possibilities and benefits of Internet of Things (IIoT), empowering the public and private sectors to take advantage of the next wave of IoT (Internet of things Things) and digital transformation, encounter the challenges and threats of Internet of things (IIoT), and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the latest Internet technologies and applications
Jubail IIOT is a two-day conference organized around tutorials, papers, presentations, speakers, demonstrations, workshops and discussions on Industrial IoT (IIoT), or the use of Internet of Things technologies in manufacturing. This includes sensors, processors, systems and platforms used by manufacturing businesses to create greater efficiencies in operations, in addition to that, the conference will discuss the following topics:
•    Regulations impact on Industry 4.0
•    Cyber-Security of IIOT (threats and mitigation)
•    Pace of industry 4.0 adoption and associated risks & opportunities
•    Lesson learned and way forward
•    Hype vs Reality of Industry 4.0
Sultan Al-Fadhli. Director RCJ ITD said, "RCJ delivered a number of important topics regarding this major technical transformation. Al-Fadhli added that the conference discussed many other topics such  Regulations impact on Industry 4.0, IIoT threats for cyber security and solutions.