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More than 100 Activities for (Welcome Holiday) Program in Jubail Industrial City
The Royal Commission in Jubail, represented by the Social Services Department, completed its preparations for the launch of the Welcome Holiday Program, with more than 100 activities divided over the festival days,  during the period from 27/12/2018 to 4/1/2019 at the southern beach of Al Fanateer.
 For his part, the Director of Social Services Department at the Royal Commission in Jubail, Mr. Khalid Bin Athal Al-Shammari, said: "this event is another vent for the residents of Jubail Industrial City and its visitors during the holiday period”. He also added: “Jubail Industrial City is one of the tourism destinations in the region, which requires us to provide all entertainment facilities for residents and visitors of this ambitious city in line with the Kingdom's 2020 vision for the quality of life program, which aims to improve the lives of the individual and the family and their participation in cultural, recreational, and sport activities. Moreover, we have also been keen to diversify the effectiveness of the activities and to target all segments of society, where the number of events are more than 100 divided over the days of Welcome Holiday  Program”.
Furthermore, there are a variety of events including the main theater corner, which offers daily draws, performances of the international Circus, arts, national and minorities folklore, and Jubail Down Town, which contains many small and light activities that provide an atmosphere of fun and amusement in the main activity corridor which consists of a group of corners that include many of the musical, arts and personalities carnival and performances in an interesting distinctive style which simulates the roads and major fields in major cities.
 It also includes the People's Assembly Corner, which consists of sessions with displays of falconry,  poetry, Saudi folklore songs from all regions of the Kingdom, and a popular café that serves hot beverages and various other traditional drinks. In addition, it includes the Kids Park corner which comprises many fun activities such as the Creator's Corner, photography booth, education through entertainment games for future pioneers, and a variety of activities, beach activities, butterfly garden, and challenging games corner with group games.
The festival is attended by young male/ female participants by presenting more than 30 booths and trucks to run their businesses and their various start-up projects, as well as a special tour of the challenge, the experience of trampoline games and other challenging games.