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Over 2000 Woman and Child at “How is your Health” Corner at the Conclusion of (Hala Bel-Ejaza” Event in Jubail Industrial City
The programs of “Hala Bel-Ejaza” event organized by RCJ Social Services Dept. lasted for 9 days and was concluded on Friday evening at Al-Fanateer Southern Beach. There were various participations including educational and awareness-raising corners represented by “How is your Health” corner which reflects women interest in health and sport, in cooperation with the Women Fitness & walking team. The corner received more than 2000 lady and child during the festival days.

Ms. Suaad Abdullah, the Women Fitness &Walking Team Leader, said that the corner focused on enriching women’ community with the importance of balanced and healthy food and the importance of suitable exercise for different age groups, as well as highlighted the need for change in our dietary behavior to be healthier.
She added that the corner covers (5) elements including “my sport is my game” which stresses the need for a child to enjoy his toys focusing that all games are considered   physical and healthy activity to strengthen his body. The second element is “we grow up to be charming” concerned with the importance of promoting sport at this stage in general and for girls’ critical cases in particular.

The element “my style is my health” promotes women confidence of themselves through familiarizing them with the importance of healthy food and exercise.  A Number of common pills used to decrease appetite and its harmful effects was revealed.  Another element is “my sport in my Office”.

Ms. Sarah Al-Sabt, women activities supervisor at Social Services Dept., confirmed the need for such corners for their clear and significant impact in building  a conscious society for the importance of health and sport.

Its worth mentioning that “Hala Bel-Ejaza” event is a model for a package of activities and programs to be provided by the RCJ to its citizens.