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Royal Commission in Jubail Delivers a Presentation on the threats of Technology and How to Protect our Children
Educational Services Department of RC in Jubail in collaboration with Assakina campaign for dialogue, delivered a presentation titled ( Threats of Technology to our children and Means of Protection) on Monday evening at Al-Fanateer Conference Hall. It was delivered by Dr. Abdulrazaq A. AL-Murjaan a specialist in Digital Forensics Medicine, a member of Assakina campaign advisory board, and a member of American Academy of Digital Forensics Medicine. 
The presentation was addressed to students, parents and the community at large to raise awareness of the threats of technology. Dr. Al-Murjaan highlighted the menaces of technology to our children and their continuing development forms, specially with regard to religion, intellectual,  security and ethics threats.
Furthermore, Dr. AL-Murjaan spoke about cyber-crimes that took place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia showing the rates of these crimes to age group. Young people has the highest rate because of enemies of religion and  homeland used social media to broadcast rumors to destabilize the security and to disseminate disunity, raising unrest, agitation and making doubts about Islamic principles and trying to destroy the values by various ways such as using fake accounts, suspicious websites controlled from outside the KSA in order to recruit and exploit the youth. Then, Dr. Al-Murjaan explained practical means to protect our children against terrorist threats and then he listened to feedback and questions of the audience. 
At the end of the presentation, Director of Educational Services Department of RC Mr. Mohammad S. AL-Hajri honored Dr. AL-Murjaan for his effective participation in the program. 
This presentation comes in line with the program ( Protecting Students against Terrorist Threats) organized by Educational Services Dept. of RCJ within the Ministry of Education program (National Protection  Program for Students “FTN”). Many events have been held that targeted education sector employees, parents and students to educate them and protect them against terrorist threats through meetings, presentations and training courses.