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Royal Commission in Jubail Honors Its Retirees
RCJ organized last Monday the annual ceremony to honor its retirees at the Sea Club in Jubail Industrial City, under the patronage of Eng. Mustafa M. Almahdi, the CEO of RCJ, and in the presence of a number of RCJ officials.

Eng. Mustafa M. Almahdi, the CEO of RCJ, stressed in his speech during this occasion to the hard working and the loyalty towards the RCJ the characterized the retirees during their work.

He appreciated the retirees personallyand on behalf of HH the President of RCJY for what they had given, sincerity, and dedication towards work as well as appreciating their families. 

The CEO of RCJ wished for the new generation to listen to the strong messages delightful and loyalty expressed by RCJ retirees. .
The ceremony program included welcoming the retirees and appreciating their efforts during their working with RCJ; then, a short film was presented where the retirees talked about their memories and feelings toward RC.

Later, the CEO of RCJ listened with an open mind during a friendly dialogue session to their observations and proposals that contribute to the development of the city services provided to residents.

Then, retirees’ recreational social program presented the following: the folk club for retirees, Bowling and Billiards clubs, as well as various folklores from KSA regions.

This ceremony came in recognition and appreciation of the retirees' efforts and services they provided for RCJ throughout their work..