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International Experiences at Landscaping and Landscape Architecture Forum in Jubail Industrial City
Under the auspices of the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission in Jubail, Dr. Mosleh H. Al-Otaibi, the activities of landscaping and landscape Architecture Forum in Jubail have been kicked off with the participation of a number of environmental, urban and architectural design specialists and experts. Fourteen workpapers were presented, discussing the latest methods and developments in all modern cities landscaping related fields.
Eng. Hamad A. Al-Messairiei, General Manager of Operation and Maintenance of the Royal Commission in Jubail and the General Moderator of the forum pointed out that the Royal Commission, over the past years, is accustomed to hold the Annual Gardens and Plants Festival in order to increase the citizens' and expatriates' awareness and attention of landscaping and encourage landscaping at houses so as to make the city always green inside and outside houses.
"This year, RC decided to launch this forum and was keen to invite a number of international and local specialists in the fields of landscaping, irrigation and urban and architectural design to enrich the forum with their expertise and with many important subjects through the presented workpapers and various discussions and workshops that will probe all modern cities landscaping related matters", Eng. Messairiei added.
He also indicated that landscaping in our cities is no longer an aesthetic matter, but rather a fundamental axis of sophistication and an essential requirement for development. If it does not exist, our city will lose its beautiful image that should remain engraved in people's minds.
He mentioned that planting a tree is a very simple matter, as all one needs to plant a tree is a small space of land and the hand that plants. But preservation of that tree will require a lot of care and attention as it is a living thing. Therefore, the concept of maintenance always comes before construction and is taken into consideration at the beginning of construction projects designs.
He reiterated that RCJ expects the forum to contribute in supporting the concept of green cities as a basic necessity rather than only an additional or an aesthetic matter and that it would make recommendations that would stress the importance of Landscaping.
In his turn, the key speaker of the forum Mr. Fomiki Takano, Japan, President of the International Union for Landscape Architecture and Member of Japan Landscape Architecture Association extended an official invitation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for attending the International Convention for Landscape Architecture to be held in Malaysia in 2014 with participation of more than 65 countries. He also emphasized that Jubail Industrial City represents a modern city with complete services in general and in the fields of Landscaping and Environment in particular. He indicated that what had been achieved is considered a real challenge to climate conditions.
After that, the Vice President of Tasnee National Company for Business Affairs Eng. Abdulmuhsen Abdullah Al-Omrani talked about the results of a scientific study conducted by researchers in California University about the importance of trees and the expansion of green cover in our lives. The study results suggested that a 50-year-old tree gives back to the community a pay in kind worth 200 thousand dollars without considering the value of wood or other revenues. He pointed out that during a 50-year span the tree produces 50 tons of Oxygen that is worth 32 thousand dollars and absorbs Carbon Dioxide that is worth 64 thousand dollars, and that the tree also has a role in protecting the environment from sand drift and underground storage and cooling the weather which saves 3000 dollars worth of power consumption.
He indicated that with the increasing industrial development and spread of factories and their negative impact on the environment, the importance of Landscaping came into view again and increasing green spaces to preserve environment became an urgent need. He also said that scientific studies had proven that the escalation of air pollution in industrial cities affected the ecological balance resulting in not only influencing humans, but all living creatures. He noted that RC was alert to these risks, and one of the results for that is this forum we are attending today, In addition to setting strict regulations for dealing with industrial waste, motivation of companies abiding by environmental performance and allocation of a prize to honoring them.
Afterwards, HE the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission in Jubail honored success partners who contributed in the preparation of this forum by sponsoring or participation.
The forum's sessions began with four specialized scientific lectures and workshops about the best professional practices in the field of landscape architect. The first session was presided by Dr. Ali Omar Al-Sulbi and aimed at bringing attention to the concept of landscape architecture's best practices through four lectures given by a group of experts in the fields of environment and landscaping. The first was entitled "Recommendations of a Landscape Architect Professional" and was delivered by Mr. Narihorwa Kenako, the second was about the relationship between landscape architecture and other engineering areas by Mr. Michael Blair, the third was about landscape architecture projects performance by Mr. Fomaki Takano and the session was concluded by the last lecture about landscape architecture technologies by Brian Cornell.
The second session, which was about the importance of landscaping in urban fabric and cities, started and was presided by Dr. Mohammed Al-Shahrani with the aim of discussing the importance of landscaping in cities and how the urban parameter and its structural framework are shaped. The session encompassed three lectures as follows: The role of architects in the urban fabric by Mr. Eric Vergil, the relationship between architecture and architecture landscape by Dr. Abdulmohsen Farhat and the effect of landscape architecture systems on cities by Mr. Douglas Macosh.
The third session dealt with "Municipal Experiences and Lessons Learned" ,in which Landscaping and Irrigation Sections in the municipalities of Manama and Ajman participated, offering their best expertise by presenting best experiences and lessons learned in addressing important and mutual issues, in this sphere.
Finally, the fourth session addressed "Individual Accomplishment" and was presented by three specialists working in KSA, Dr. Abdulmohsen Farhat, Dr. Ashraf Al-Turki and Eng. Hussein Al-senan, in the fields of their respective personal expertise in practicing landscape architecture profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.