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Welcome to Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu Headquarter


The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu’s Headquarters is located in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its main objective is directing the Royal Commission towards achieving its vision. And to achieve that, the Royal Commission applied up to date Operation Model adopted by the largest international organizations. Some of the most important objectives for the Headquarters are as follows:

·​​ Assess the ​​best strategic ​options and to determine orientations.​​​
· ​Approve the strategic and economic plans of the Industrial Cities.
· ​Follow-up, develop and evaluate the implementation of the strategic initiatives.
· ​Elect the investors with the objective to maximize the added value to the industry and economy in the Kingdom.
· ​Contribute in maximizing the investment return.
· ​Develop plans and procedures that achieve Industrial Clustering.
· ​Contribute in attracting local and foreign direct investments.
· ​Establish and strengthen the Royal Commission’s identity, maintain its conceptual image and spread understanding of its role.
· ​Develop communication processes for marketing plans and activate relations with all sectors.
· ​Preserve the Royal Commission’s gains and achievements.
· ​Optimize utilization of the Royal Commission’s assets through development of department’s procedures and effective investment.
· ​Develop bylaws, regulations, manpower, work procedures and quality control methods.
· ​Prepare the general frame for the Royal Commission’s governance and supervise its implementation.
· ​Supervise information technology strategic plan and to ensure its implementation throughout all sectors of the Royal Commission.
·​ ​Develop non-operational technical procedures and to ensure the effective provision of technical services.