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Dear Investor,
Royal Commission at Yanbu represented by Investment Development Department are eager to develop the quality of service for its clients, in order to perceive your needs and meet your expectations. We are hoping to know about your satisfaction and about our  provided services. So please fill this survey objectively. All information in this form are confidential and used for quality service improvement only.

Note: if you select the button (Save & Close), you will lose any data entered and will have to re-fill the questionnaire again

What is the reference number that is mentioned in the letter ?

Investment Type in Yanbu Industrial City

Residential & Commercial Investment

Investor Name (Person/Institution)






Investment requirements were provided easily.

Very unsatisfied

Investment submission requirements were clear.

Very unsatisfied

Allocation procedure was objective and transparent.

Very satisfied

I was given an appointment to know about the next step, for my request.

Very satisfied

Appointments were punctual.

Very satisfied

Documents and information are handled in complete confidentiality

Very unsatisfied

Investment opportunities  were provided with high transparency

Very satisfied

The department interact/respond to my complaints / suggestions

Very satisfied

The RC website has all the information I need.

Very satisfied

I feel improvement in provided services, procedures are simpler and service is faster.

Very satisfied

I feel that my project was evaluated professionally.

Very satisfied

New industrial requests were reviewed/evaluated objectively.

Very satisfied

Requirements for new industrial projects were clearly specified before submitting “Industrial Site Allocation Request”.

Very satisfied

Conditional allocation period for the industrial project (12 months) is convenient to complete RC Engineering/Environmental requirements.

Very satisfied

Engineers who are responsible for the project evaluation respond/interact with the client during submission/allocation periods.

Very satisfied

Time to complete the service was


In case the service time was too long after completing all required documentation, please mention the reason(s):


Staff are easy to reach.


Number of employees is sufficient to provide the service.


Staff are friendly and highly professional


My request was finished fast without delay (when I presented the complete required documents).


My questions/suggestions were highly welcomed.


Employee was focused to finish my work only not someone’s else


I noticed individual efforts from staff to improve/accelerate the service.


Staff follow-up with me by phone or E-mail when there is a shortage of required documents and when my request is completed.


Supervisors were friendly.


I was guided to the right employee/office that provide my required service.


I was updated by phone about the status of my request.


Phone appointments were punctual.


From your perspective as investor, please mention important investment projects that you like to see in Yanbu Industrial City


Do you think about starting another new investment project


Please mentioned the reason if Yes


Please mentioned the reason if No


What is the best way to communicate with you


Other Opinions/Feedback to improve the quality of service


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