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Inma Wooden Pallets Factory

Inma Pallets is one of the leading suppliers of industrial wooden pallets in Saudi Arabia. The Company provides a wide range of hardwood and softwood pallets for industry and export use. In addition, Inma Pallets produces custom-made pallets to meet clients’ specific requirements.Inma Pallets is proud of its reputation for reliability, which is founded on an uncompromising commitment to quality. For example, the Company insists on the finest materials, and the hardwoods and softwoods used are specially selected and purchased by different Sources.
Operating from factories in Jubail and Yanbu, and with a well-trained and highly skilled workforce, Inma Pallets provides clients throughout the Kingdom with proven and reliable products at competitive prices, and the highest level of service.
Factory Start 1/1/2006
Factory Products Wooden Pallets
Factory Tech