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About City

Yanbu History

Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinaiyah (MYAS) possesses the good features and merits of cities although the period lapsed since its establishment is not longer than two decades. MYAS is a typical industrial fortress, a work of art in architectural engineering or a platform with unlimited capabilities among civilizational cities. It is a good evidence of what have been achieved on the welfare and awarding land under the rational leadership.
MYAS is located 350 kilometers north west of Jeddah. It possesses tourism features due to its location on a coastal line between the red sea and Hijaz hills. The red sea with its crystal water and attractive coral reefs welcomes the people who visit and frequent it for marine picnics, diving and other several types of water sports. A few miles away, the tops of Hijaz hills and vallies constitute a natural scenery that extends to include gradually the osises and natural wild lands .
MYAS is considered the destination of the east-west oil and gas pipelines which start from the production areas east of the Kingdom. MYAS is also considered the largest port for export of the crude oil on the red sea coast. MYAS has proved its strategic importance as a substitute port for the crude oil export outlets on the gulf coast .
Yanbu Port includes the facilities that enable it export more than three (3) million barrels/day while its location near the Suez Channel makes it an excellent access to European markets and the developing markets in Africa and Middle East. Yanbu, moreover is located in the middle of the distance between America and the countries of the Pacific Ocean .
The services required by the residents such as the housing, industrial, health, education, recreational and public services are provided in Yanbu in the greatest amount and in line with the highest levels of life .
The history, ancient and modern, has played a role in development of the city. MYAS is closely related to Yanbu Al-Bahr which was established before the Roman Period and constituted for some past centuries a famous station on the convoys road that had been used by traders in their journeys from and to the Arabian Peninsula. Yanbu Al-Bahr Port was to a short time ago a pivotal path for the pilgrims to and from the holy areas in Makkah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawarrah. Yanbu Al-Bahr will remain deep-rooted in history and MYAS will continue its glorious development and shining future.
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